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Vladislav PasternakCEO, producer

Vladislav Pasternak

HHG Film Company’s CEO and producer.

Born on August 1, 1982. Got his first film education at Kadr Film School on Lenfilm Stuidos, St. Petersburg, specializing in animation. After high school, spent one year learning medicine in St. Petersburg Paediatric Academy, but quit and entered University of Culture and Arts to study media design. Worked as film reviewer, TV cameraman, advertising manager, shooting amateur films at his spare time. Four years later, Vladislav Pasternak entered St. Petersburg University of Film & TV to study film production under Sergei Selyanov’s mentorship. Was granted a stipend from Russian Producers Guild. Worked in a theater “Mirage Cinema” for a while and took an intership in Nashe Kino distribution group. Mr. Pasternak’s first experience of work in a professional film unit was on set of “Ulitsy razbitykh fonarey”, Russia’s most well-known crime series.

Short films produced by Vladislav Pasternak won multiple awards at Russian and foreign film festivals, including Kinoshock, Literature and Cinema, Pure Dreams, and Artikino. Also Vladislav Pasternak’s professional interests include music video production. Among works for musicians of various genres, his most recognized music video is a number one on charts “Vdoh-Vydoh”(2008) for T9 band.

In 2009 Mr. Pasternak was for the first time invited by Russian Ministry of Culture to present one of his early feature film projects, “Lofty Senses: The Beautiful Hereafter”, at Cannes Film Market. Another HHG’s product, animated film “Invention of Love”, was screened by Russian Pavilion in Cannes in 2011.

Interviews with HHG’s producer and articles on his work have been published in press and on the web many times.

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