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Invention of Love


A love story from the world of gears and bolts.

Animation, romance/fantasy, 10 min, Color, HD 720p

Distribution Certificate # 214018711 issued on December 20, 2011 (Russia).
Children under 12 allowed under parental guidance only.


  • Directed by Andrey Shushkov
  • Written by Andrey Shushkov
  • Produced by Vladislav Pasternak, Andrey Shushkov
  • Music composed by Polina Sizova, Anton Melnikov
  • Violin solo Anna Gudkova
  • Edited by Andrey Shushkov
  • Sound directors Polina Sizova, Anton Melnikov
  • Production designer Andrey Shushkov
  • Animator Andrey Shushkov
  • Compositing by Andrey Shushkov

Special Thanks to:

  • Daniel Steamheart, Nikolay Zamkovoy and others
  • Ekaterina Dementyeva for her support



  • 3rd place (Animation Student category)
    My Hero International Film Festival, California (2012)
    Andrey Shushkov
  • 1st Place
    Youth Film Festival, Koktebel (2011)
    Andrey Shushkov
  • Video Award
    Render.ru Contest, Moscow/Saint-Petersburg (2010)
    Andrey Shushkov
  • Best Animated Film
    Kazan Muslim Film Festival, Kazan (2010)
    Andrey Shushkov