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Science fiction/action/thriller, Color, DSLR

Official website: censor-film.com



In the not so distant future computer game industry reaches its fullest flower. Virtual reality is indistinguishable from real life. The government launches Department C to control the game space. Censors secretly delve into games. Their mission is to take sex and violence beyond the forbidden level. A game that would let them do that must be banned. One of the Censors is a good guy who hates his bloody job. The other one is a creep. But even the Censors lose their ability to tell the game from the real world.


  • Stepan Beketov
  • Pavel Mikhailov
  • Galina Sumina
  • Sergey Mardar
  • Evgeny Dobryakov
  • Karina Razumovskaya
  • Artyom Shilov


  • Directed by Konstantin Shelepov
  • Written by Ivan Tropov
  • Produced by Igor Fokin, Nikolai Bunkin, Konstantin Shelepov, Vladislav Pasternak
  • Executive producer Andrey Natakhin
  • Co-producers Dmitry Leushin, Vadim Bogdanov, Boris Surovtsev
  • Director of photography Konstantin Shelepov
  • 1st assistant director of photography Alexander Smirnov
  • Music composed by Kirill Gorokhov
  • Edited by Konstantin Shelepov, Fyodor Boyko, Alexey Auduchinok
  • Sound by Dmitry Vasilyev, Sergey Ivanov
  • Production designer Alexey Likirichenko
  • Costume designer Daria Pavlova
  • Make-up by Ulyana Reznik
  • Visual effects by Alexey Auduchinok


  • Kalejdoskop nowego kina
    “Sputnik nad Polską” Russian films festival, Warsaw (2018)
  • Feature Films Competition
    Sci-Fi London , London (2018)
  • Main Competition
    DROP Russian International Horror Film Festival and Awards, Moscow (2018)
  • Russian Debut Films Selection, Closing film
    Beginning International Festival of Debut and Student Films, Saint Petersburg (2017)
  • Out of Competition
    The Baikal International Film Festival of documentary and popular science films “Man and Nature”, Irkutsk (2017)
  • Main Competition
    Window to Europe 25th Film Festival, Vyborg (2017)

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