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Sex and Breakfast


A choice between love and lust can be harder than you think.

Drama/romance, 16 min, Color, RED Epic

Produced by: New York Film Academy, Victoria Kashtan Productions, HHG Film Company in association with Decraien Films


Married to a successful scientist, housewife Anna spends her days working on her breakfast blog and waiting for her husband Mark. Meanwhile Mark is focused on his work and pays no attention to Anna. Anna tries to refresh their relationships playing different roles and changing her image. Desperately she starts flirting with Ed, whom she accidentally met. Mark’s project goes on. Anna becomes closer and closer to Ed.


  • Lydia Muijen
  • Eric Macray
  • Nick Airus
  • Extra Jacob Duke


  • Directed by Victoria Kashtan
  • Written by Victoria Kashtan
  • Produced by Elena Serebryannaya, Alex Babaev, Vladislav Pasternak
  • Executive producers Victoria Kashtan, Vladislava Anikeichik, Maxim Korostyshevsky
  • Co-producer Lydia Muijen
  • Director of photography Tetsuya Miyashita
  • Music composed by Ori Rosen
  • Sound by Sara Li, Sylvia Liang Lu
  • Production designer Spyridon Kopanitsas
  • Make-up by Amy Audette
  • 2nd assistant director Alex Babaev
  • Camera crew Brady Po Chin Chang, Dustin Ong
  • Gaffer Taeho Kang
  • Grip Jacob Duke, Andrew Sugimoto

Special Thanks to:

  • David Wilson and Museum of Jurassic Technology
  • David Zhu
  • Laurie Crogan
  • Jeremiah Sullivan, Courtney Shepard, Nick Sivakumaran, Greg Marks, Igor Kovacevich, Brian Day, Taeho Kang, James Pillion, Andrey Shushkov
  • Victoria’s dearest family and friends