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There Is Light


Remember every second…

Drama/experimental/period, 17 min, Sepia, miniDV


  • Pavel Platonov Sr.
  • Alexandra Timofeeva
  • Daria Golovanova
  • Pavel Platonov Jr.
  • Natalia Latysheva
  • Boris Zagray


  • Directed by Ilya Severov
  • Written by Ekaterina Danilova
  • Produced by Ilya Severov
  • Executive producers Vladislav Pasternak, Pavel Shlyago
  • Director of photography Ilya Severov
  • Music composed by Pavel Platonov Jr., Andrey Mikheev, Eduard Zagorsky
  • Edited by Ilya Severov
  • Sound director Eduard Zagorsky


Life plays itself back in the eyes of main character at his last gasp, and its main part turns out to be his first and last love.


The initial script was an adaptation of a short story by Vasili Aksyonov. But after shooting and editing a 45-min rough cut, the filmmakers decided to delete scenes which made nearly 2/3 of the movie length. By the final cut (16 min except credits), only original scenes remained in the film.

Key features: 1970s’ Soviet Union, no other shots but POV, plus most of the main characters as voiceover.


  • Best Student Film
    Expromt Festival, Kharkiv, Ukraine (2006)
    Ilya Severov
  • Fountain Award for the 1st film (nomination)
    Peterkit Festival, Saint Petersburg (2003)
    Ilya Severov