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Clockwork Bureaucrat


He is no man, but just a part of a machine.

Comedy, 7 min, Black and White, 35 mm


  • Sergey Potekhin
  • Nikolay Letunovsky
  • Ekaterina Maksimova
  • Alexey Vasilchenko
  • Dmitry Strelin


  • Directed by Petr Amelin
  • Written by Petr Amelin
  • Produced by Vladislav Pasternak
  • Director of photography Viorel Kurnosov
  • Music composed by Sergey Potekhin
  • Edited by Petr Amelin, Igor Nurislamov, Viorel Kurnosov
  • Sound director Sergey Potekhin
  • Production designer Polina Nikiforova


A bureaucrat receives suppliants representing different social classes, and declines all their requests all day long.

Inspired by the works of a Danish cartoonist Herluf Bidstrup.


  • Diploma
    White Nights Festival, Saint Petersburg (2006)
    Petr Amelin
  • Second Degree Diploma
    Nit Festival, Saint Petersburg (2006)