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Life before doesn’t matter anymore.
Life now is the person in front of you.
Life after depends on your choice.

Please switch subtitles on before watching.

16 min, Color, 16 mm


  • Konstantin Panchenko
  • Polina Teplyakova
  • Alexey Sapozhnikov
  • Natalya Kazarina
  • Voices Ekaterina Gorokhovskaya, Aleksey Buzunov


  • Directed by Sergey Koumych
  • Written by Sergey Koumych
  • Produced by Sergey Koumych
  • Director of photography Roman Prokoshin
  • Edited by Sergey Koumych, Igor Malomud
  • Sound director Andrey Titov
  • Art direction by Vadim Chernov
  • 2nd assistant directors Arseny Zanin, Igor Vachaev
  • Assistant camera Maksim Goncharenko
  • Focus puller Georgy Rudnev
  • Sound assistant Dmitry Pokrovsky
  • Foley artist Daniil Nemtinov
  • Color correction by Andrey Savchuk
  • Creative consultant Alexandra Yastrebova

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  • Diploma for Best Performance in a Female Role
    Saint Petersburg Youth Film Festival, Saint Petersburg (2009)
    Polina Teplyakova
  • Diploma for Best Performance
    Peterkit Festival, Saint Petersburg (2009)
    Polina Teplyakova
  • Best Directing
    Peterkit Festival, Saint Petersburg (2009)
    Sergey Koumych
  • Debut Award
    Kinometr Film Festival, Saint Petersburg (2009)